Hospitality not at its best!

I have started working on my piece for the “hospitality” project. I think this is a great theme to work on as it can be linked to a great numbers of issues and makes me reflect on the work I have been involved with visiting refugees and asylum seekers detained in prison for an indefinite amount of time without any reasonable  justification after their sentence is over . It is not British hospitality at his best for sure and few people are unfortunately aware of this issue!! With no time limit on immigration detention powers detainees can be locked up  for weeks, months or in some cases even years waiting for their cases to be resolved.

17 months it took for A0149AJ to be released and receive is indefinite leave to remain status as finally the immigration having already recognized him as a refugee and therefore couldn’t send him back in his country of origin recognized that he couldn’t be deported in Rwanda!!

Working with images of grids/ silhouette/ prison numbers/ words / screen printed on a pillow case ( as maybe sleep is the only escape if you can manage to find sleep in such a situation ) will be a small  attempt to make those detainees more visible to the public.