Breath of Air – Review, Judith Railton

“The Breath of Air exhibition gave us felted flying birds, a wedding across international boundaries, delicate landscapes, electronic cleverness, sand-filled dolls and a treasure filled tent to intrigue us with sight and sound” 
“Beautiful, inspirational pieces full of colour and light. Invigorating and vital” 
“Each time found more to interest, delight and fascinate me”
“Enjoyed it very much – especially the artists’ comments and reasons”
Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre, designed by local architects, Ainsley Gommon, is full of light and air; the lofty glass frontage brings cloud reflections into the gallery echoing the show’s theme, and the Breath of Air poster designed by Jen Fenner.
Exhibiting – 8 members of Re-View Textile
Susan Beck, Sue Boardman, Yvonne Deegan, Jen Fenner, Rosey Paul, Judith Railton, Marion Roberts and Janet Wilkinson.
Over 600 visitors came to enjoy and discuss the show over 12 days, with a especially buzzing ‘Meet the Artists’ afternoon on the middle Sunday.
Thanks to visitors who made the opening quotes.

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