The Beginnings of Something New

The group is beginning a new project, it is in the very early stages of sketching and experimenting, but, it has potential to be something that is very exciting and diverse.

The project is called ‘Drawing the Line’ where the artists involved are looking into what it can mean to draw the line. Each artist is working individually on there own philosophy and we now have a wide range of ideas. Many are looking into journeys, maps, tracks, observations, which include the sounds, smells and emotions.

While others have more varied interests such as drawing around the human body to create various yoga poses and looking into tracking the energy and how to represent it. Another is going back to basics and looking at re-learning drawing and researching it academically to enrich her knowledge and the process.

Two artists Jen Fenner and Judith Railton have begun to develop their ideas through sketch books, photography, drawing and printmaking.

Judith, has begun by documenting in her sketch book her journeys from her home to her favourite coastal spots on the Wirral. Her work includes making simple line drawings of cave markings she has found, drawing the route of her journey to see the shapes it produces and including the music Judith listens to describe the mood of the journey.

Jens work focuses on found pattern. Jen spends a lot of time in Liverpool for work and leisure and mainly travels around by bus or on foot. This has given her the opportunity to carefully observe her surroundings and she has found all sorts of exciting colours, patterns, shapes, marks and compositions. By using photography and drawing Jen has been collecting the patterns and marks and has now translated some of these into mono prints to create painterly positives for screen printing. Jen has now begun to experiment with layering the colours and textures to create new compositions and is beginning to produce some interesting experimental prints.


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