Artist 1: Barbara Meynell
Artist 2: Rachael Howard
Artist 3: Su Chacewicz/Robert Bluett

Batik, screen printing, appliqué and pen

Stage 1: Barbara Meynell

This was a window into a scene that would express the warmth and welcome of hospitality with spontaneity and movement. When visitors arrive, their gifts bring surprise and delight, so the hands express this joy. They and the bouquet shape are life-sized to give immediacy to the scene. Satin, dyed gold was chosen for its sensuality and luxuriousness. A clue to the bouquet was given in the shape of two stylised flowers. I hoped there would be more figures appearing in this environment.

Stage 2: Rachael Howard

The Visitors arrived as a silky, muted colour wash of creams and blues with two welcoming life sized hand silhouettes. I decided to give the piece more definition and brightness of colour. I introduced alien creatures who were arriving on earth. How would they be greeted?

Stage 3: Su Chacewicz / Robert Bluett

We were intrigued to know what THE VISITORS was about. There were these bizarre lettered hands in a serious background with what appeared to be aliens landing in a scribble of fluorescent red paint. We thought of ways to make sense of it all by creating a surreal fantasy. Accidentally splashing orange paint on the silk led to the use of a cover up palette of vibrant opaque colour. A “War of the Worlds” spaceship was introduced into a barren landscape and a friendly bacterial insect world of flowers welcomed these strangers into their environment. The flowers and butterfly shapes can be seen on careful inspection to consist of grubs carrying petals, themselves forming bouquets to greet the visitors.


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