“It’s what’s inside that matters”

Artist 1: Janet Wilkinson
Artist 2: Judith Railton
Artist 3: Sue Boardman

Textile and bamboo

The final piece is a crazy patchwork wigwam containing 3 cushions and is the collective effort of 3 textile artists.

Janet’s satin appliqué of an honesty plant on a large translucent background posed questions about the true nature of hospitality. She stitched these thoughts into the honesty pod shapes. In Judith’s hands the applique became the entrance to a loosely shaped tent with an open doorway. She used Janet’s words to embellish the blue sheets added to the work. I then developed the idea of a shelter into a useable small wigwam complete with flysheet. I chose to concentrate on the interior appearance following the established colour scheme and putting the right side of the fabric on the inside. The three cushions placed within represent the comfort true hospitality can offer.

The work presents the idea that honesty and open heartedness are necessary for genuine hospitality. The message of “it’s what’s inside that matters” is captured in the final work.

I had mixed feelings about this project; uncertainty, enthusiasm, apprehension, and a sense of exhileration. Not once did I retreat to the comfort zone of familiar textile practice, so this method of working was always a challenge.

Artist: Sue Boardman


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