Portuguese Dinner Table

By the word hospitality the first image coming up in my mind is of a big meal; a table full of guests and food and a noisy conversation. This is the widely cultivated welcoming manner I grew up with, in my homeland Portugal. Through out the years living abroad, I have become conscious of the cultural differences of this peculiar way of receiving.

Portuguese love to show their hospitality by inviting you for dinner, cooking their specialities and serving their home made wine. On your first dinner you might be surprised by the precious possessions of your host; the beautiful linen tablecloth, the best crockery and of course the expensive crystal set of glasses. As a foreign guest you might get petrified on the site of so many different sizes and shapes of cutlery and glasses. The Portuguese host is proud to share the best he has but is absolutely not aware that his guests might feel embarrassed by this uncommon sight.

Artist:Isabel Ferrand


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