‘Travelling Game Booth – Double Six’

Artist: Sue Boardman, Janet Wilkinson and Judith Railton

The piece I completed had been started by Sue Boardman – using her old family fabrics, an opening door and ideas of a game to be played. Sue devised the Guides to Hospitality.
Janet Wilkinson took this beginning, researched games and created a new one with an ancient flavour; using symbols of board games that have persisted over the centuries – the well, the maze, the gaol, the inn, the bridge and a skull for death. Complex rules of the older game of Goose were adapted to produce those for Janet’s Game of Hospitality, with its repeated symbol of the Hands of Hospitality.
I brought all together into a travelling game booth with bells and fabrics of faded glory – to be unrolled and set up wherever players can be found.
The banner above the game table is an old shirt, providing an advert, an invitation to play and a reminder that complicated rules exist in any society to ensure an acceptable balance of social behaviour. The logo of the ‘Double Six’ is an entwining of our three initials – J,J,S.

Working on my own I have my own thoughts and inspirations on how and when to make textile pieces. Collaborating with two other artists – Sue Boardman and Janet Wilkinson – on three bits of work has been exciting and challenging. New paths have been trodden as we responded to the partly completed works that were passed on to us. Three works have been completed that none of us could have made on our own.
I like the freedom to expand ideas started by my fellow collaborators – like solving a puzzle, I know there will be a solution but it takes a while to clarify what it will be. We decided not to talk about what we were doing until we met to exchange ‘work so far’ each month. We examined and talked about each other’s work, with respect; suggestions flew about in the Egg Café as to how we all could proceed.
I felt I needed to throw myself on a wave – to allow my work to be changed and finished by other people and yet still engage with their choices for the progression of each piece I passed on. Each time I got my new piece, my nights were full of the new ideas, images filled my waking dreams.
In retrospect, the starting piece for all of us seemed to inform the finished piece; I responded to colours, images and ideas that had gone before.
To finish a piece was a massive boost. ‘Travelling Game Booth – Double Six’ belongs in another world – a world created by Sue, Janet and me.

Judith Railton


One thought on “‘Travelling Game Booth – Double Six’

  1. Really interesting written piece Jud, explaining the thought process and working methods, and that you enjoyed the freedom to expand the ideas of others….as well as the three finished pieces of work. I think it was very trusting of you all to take the gamble on each other in this Art game, and come out winners! Bisous R x xx

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