A tent from Europe

inside the tent

The tent arrived from Holland, Isabel Ferrand had lined Ulrike’s Oeter’s Chintz tent with vibrant African fabrics.  The tent took up my whole studio and after the obligatory fight with tent poles and canvas it reminded me of a pavilion from a battle field, a tent in which to make peace treaties.  I was reminded of photographs of a Delhi Durbah in the 1930’s where the European women were fenced into one area.  I loved the contrast of flowery chintz and african/asian patterns and true to our concept of recycling our textile collections I found some suitable cloth.  I created another 20 guests this time they all had their envelopes made from starched, embroidered napkins that I found in a street market in Hannover several years ago.  The guests are ‘kettled’ into a circle, who are the guest sand who are the hosts

who is guest and who is host?

each guest has a starched napkin envelope

a friend drops in

Another mouth to feed…

layers of meaning

Isabel’s maps through Dutch crocheted curtains

there are always unwelcome guests



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