The Hand Over

What an exhilarating experience it has been to create a piece of work and then let it go! We’ve all found the stress and apprehension quite intense, but it has been thrilling to be involved.

Last Wednesday 29th February Katie, Jen, Yvonne and Marrion all met at the Bluecoat to exchange work ready for phase two, each piece is so different from the next. The work ranges from screen prints to machine embroidery with some plans for laser cutting and upholstery, but nobody really knows what is next.

These are some images of our work. Katie’s work is a screen print with embossing, Jen’s is a screen printed silk dupion dress, Yvonne’s wall hanging in mixed media and Marrion’s is some ideas for machine embroidery pieces.

So who gets what… Katie gets Jen’s, Jen gets Yvonne’s, Yvonne gets Marrion’s and Marrion gets Katie’s. We are all very excited and ideas are flying about already and we looking forward to our next deadline of the 6th April!


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