Introduction to the “Hospitality” Collaboration Project

Re-view Textiles met on 3rd February 2012 to commence work on our latest venture, an exhibition based on the theme of “Hospitality”. The group will discuss and explore some of the vast possibilities this subject has to offer. As individuals we will create our own pieces of work based on our experiences, cultural traditions from home and abroad, historical  ideologies, literature (and anything else not mentioned). We will also all be working in our own style and preferred methods which are all unique to each of us.

Each artist is working with in a group of three to four others. When each artist has worked on their piece for a month they will then swap work with the another artist in the group. This will happen until each artist has worked on at least three pieces adding and expanding others work to create three innovative works created combining in a range of media and disciplines. This is a very exciting way of working as Re-view Textiles is a diverse group and many people have not worked together or even met prior to the project. Many artists have opted to keep their ideas a secret until the first reveal on 29th Feburary!


To find out more about the group please read the about page.


One thought on “Introduction to the “Hospitality” Collaboration Project

  1. I am very happy to be part of the ‘Hospitality Project’ – there is a risk and a freedom in working with two other artists who will change and add to my work as I will to theirs. there is a ceratin trepidation and excitement of the unknown – when our group meet at the Egg Cafe to hand over our first piece – we don’t know how we will feel or how we will progress with the joint piece. It is not safe but it will be creative,
    judith railton 21 feb 2012

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